"Out of any music genre, none speak to me as uniquely as does Neo Soul. I suppose I enjoy it for the criteria which arises in the name itself. “Soul” music is much more evocative of a feeling, than it is a sound. At it’s core, it is a sensation. A representation of our intangible, immeasurable, metaphysical being. That which makes us human, and at the same time, it is that which collectively becomes the essence of a god. What we refer to as “soul” is the energy, the life-force, which had existed infinitely before time and space themselves. “Neo,” the prefix meaning “new, fresh, modern”… demands that any piece that is placed under the umbrella of this genre, have a degree of innovation, experimentation, a departure from convention. It’s qualities are intrinsically placed in a time after it’s time of invention. Each facet affixed to the Neo Soul genre is referencing a timeless musical past… while simultaneously existing infinitely in the future…”