membermeson asked:

How was guardians ?!?!? Good? Hope it was good :/

It was awesome! It didnt take itself too seriously, and the entire theater was cracking up with laughter the whole time. One thing I like about the Marvel movies is that…they stand alone like different genres… like Iron Man is sci-fi technology porn, Winter Soldier is a political thriller, Thor is a mythological fantasy…but they all come together in the same universe quite nicely, believably. I get that same feeling from Guardians, but as for it’s genre… mmm its like part slapstick, part free for all death match, part…80’s movie? something about it being an endearing ensemble cast that makes me think 80’s movie. ummm awesome soundtrack. good story. very light, not too dense. great action. some may say it’s a little corny, probably all falling on the fact they can’t get past Rocket Raccoon, but people familiar with Guardians know what to expect, and know how badass Rocket is so…


Damn I’m in so deep.
Probably cause you’re empty.
You can’t even speak.
Damn your mouth so minty.
Ooh your mama hate me.
Daddy wouldn’t let you. If he ever met me.
If he ever met you.
Put that shit behind us
And put this in your sinus
Mine is all up in my gums
Minus all that shit its lined with.
You been scratchin, you been fiendin’
I’mma fix you, I’mma fuck you
I’mma get rid of them demons…

Im learning a lot from making these timelapse videos of my drawings…